Forum Advocaten provides full legal services in various legal domains. We advise, mediate and negotiate where possible. We institute legal proceedings if necessary. We can also refer you to our comprehensive network of specialists (notaries public, architects, accountants, bailiffs, etc.) if this can help you progress with your issue.


Each case is different. Our fees are therefore customised to your case.
In determining the fee, allowance may be made for various aspects such as the complexity of the case, any urgency it may involve, financial means, potential proceeds, result achieved, etc.
Usually an hourly rate is determined. In certain cases, a lump sum may also be agreed. Other possibilities exist too. Full individual agreements are made about this beforehand.


These contain both practice costs and litigation costs.
Practice costs comprise such costs as travel costs, costs for (registered) correspondence, photocopies, etc.
Litigation costs comprise such costs as bailiff’s costs (costs of summons, service, etc.), cause-list fees, administration charges, etc. If we pay these, we charge them on at cost. We will be glad to explain this further at our initial meeting.